What is a VPS?

http://yanhuang.me/2012/12/29/vps/ – What is a VPS, or virtual private server? It is in between shared hosting and a dedicated hosting solution. You can have…

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  1. Hey Yan…Your explanation was very much up to the point…If you could throw in some graphicds/animation with your voice over then it might be one of the best ones to explain VPS…I googles forsome 20 videos who could not convince me clearly what a VPS is…Finally I landed up in this one and things are now pretty clear .. Can you also add videos on MANAGED AND UNMANAGED HOSTING SERVICE plus CLOUD HOSTING V/S DEDICATED HOSTING (No…not like those simple wiki ones..some practical stuff I mean)

  2. Yes, if you purchased a dedicated server, it comes with a dedicated IP address (you can always add additional ones too). I am not that familiar with the game hosting side, but shoot an email to greg@rehusolutions(dot)com, let him know I referred you and I will make sure he takes care of you.

  3. if i bought a vps , would i get a ip that i can use in a runescape private server? please reply , that would be great.


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