Windward Showcases Investment Document Templates in AutoTag

Boulder, CO (PRWEB) May 13, 2013

Windward, the document generation, enterprise reporting and business intelligence giant, has released a new set of investment document templates. Shipping within the latest version of the AutoTag document generation software, the templates facilitate the display and analysis of tax, investment, retirement and other personal financial information.

Each template enables the user to quickly access up-to-the-second data securely and efficiently. They also allow for the inclusion of boilerplate text, company logos and contact information through easy drag and drop functionality. In addition, the templates offer key data visualization features such as detailed and highlighted tables, color-coded pie charts, and predictive line and bar graphs.

“Even the best data capture and organization is useless if the final report is inaccurate or hard to understand,” said Shirley Clawson, CEO of Windward. “These templates allow investment companies to better serve their clients through meaningful, easy-to-grasp reports that provide their customers with the knowledge they need.”

The featured AutoTag templates include a sample investment fact sheet complete with investment objectives, strategies and risk analyses, a detailed sample custodial statement, a retirement services plan investment fee disclosure, an investment options comparison sheet, and a tax reporting statement with information for Forms 1099-B and 1099-DIV for the United States Internal Revenue Service.

AutoTag is an add-in for Microsoft Word and Excel. AutoTag users can use these investment document templates as the basis for their own reports by connecting them to virtually any data source, including OData, JSON, SQL, XML, Excel spreadsheet and proprietary data repository. Reports and documents are generated in the Windward Engine, which is available for .NET or Java, or via the web-based Javelin server. The final product can be output in a wide range of formats, including DOCX, XLSX, PDF, HTML, direct to printer, RTF, XLS, WordML, TXT, and CSV.

For more information or to download a trial version of AutoTag, please visit

About Windward

Windward delivers powerful reporting, document generation and business intelligence solutions for enterprise or OEM use. Businesses worldwide create custom reports better, faster with data intelligence made easy. Windward has been delighting customers technical and non since 2004.

“We bought White Clarke’s CALMS as our Loan Origination System, and it uses Windward to produce legal documents. With our previous system, we could not add or change documents, and so had to live with whatever we had, or devise a Word template. Windward is an enabler for us.” Wayne Cook, Community Savings Bank

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MCLI Server “Farm”

Image by cogdogblog
A tour of the mcli server "farm", more of an agglomeration.

Starting from the left, we have "Jade", a 1.33GhZ Apple Xserver that runs CogDogBlog (weblog plus a few more), the Feed2JS site as well as virtual hosting Maricopa eP, an electronic portolio system. The Xserve also does some QuickTime streaming, such as our examples of Digital Stories created by faculty in a summer workshop.

Below the table, the left tower is Azurite, a Mac OSX server (1 GHz) that mainly hosts project files and FileMaker databases used my our office staff. It runs as a web server just a copy of our Writing HTML tutorial as well as a smaller amount of QuickTime streaming.

The tower on the right is a 664 MhZ Pentium 2, also know as "Realgar" where I test a few new applications, run an evaluation license of Helix (Real Media server), and some things like a copy of my Kiwi Wiki.

To the right of this is a 20 minute APS battery backup. Just in case your power goes out… for less than 20 minutes. All the servers are set to reboot if their power goes out.

What is really cool is a new Belkin OmniViewKVM switch (left of the monitor), a 4 way switchbox so you can use one Keyboard, Video, and Mouse to switch between 4 computers– the nice feature here is the ability to connect to either USB (Mac) or PS/2 (the old PC) connections.

Finally, on the shelf above are 4 FireWire hard drives, used for backups of the two Mac servers with Retrospect. Each server rotates backups between two external drives.

The PC server backs up over the ntetwork to another server upstairs, which then does its own backups on a dedicated tape drive.

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Introducing Windows Server® 2012

Introducing Windows Server® 2012

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SQL连接(right join,left join,full join,inner join,cross join,self join)


1. 右连接(right join, right outer join)




2. 左连接(left join, left outer join)



3. 全连接(full join, full outer join)



4. 内连接(join, inner join)



5. 交叉连接(cross join,完全连接)



6. 自连接(self join)