CMS BounceBack Ultimate 9.2 Backup and Instant Recovery Software

CMS BounceBack Ultimate 9.2 Backup and Instant Recovery Software

CMS BounceBack Ultimate 9.2 Backup and Instant Recovery Software

  • Instant Recovery Software for Your PC
  • Continuous Data Protection
  • Ability to Startup Direct from Backup
  • Data Security – Built-in AES-256 Encryption
  • Version Control – Ability to Go Back To Point In Time Backups

BounceBack Ultimate Instant Recovery software enables you to back up your entire PC or laptop hard drive, including the Operating System, data files, applications, pictures, video, financial documents and settings. Using CMS’ patent pending Instant PC Recovery mode, you can start your PC or laptop directly from an external USB backup hard drive in the event of an operating system malfunction or even a failed hard drive.Key Benefits – Instant Recovery Software for Your PC! – Start-Up and Recover From Your External USB Storage Device – Continuous Data Protection (CDP) – Immediate Access To Your Files – Data Saved in Native File Format Creates a Bootable Drive – Ability to Startup Direct from Backup – Backup to Any USB Hard Drive, Secondary Drive or Network Drive – Data Security – Built-in AES-256 Encryption – Backup Automation Through Backup Scheduling, Auto Shut Down – Parallel Backup – Backup to Multiple Destinations – Version Control – Ability to Go Back To Point In Time Backups BounceBack Ultimate Is Better Than The Rest – Typical backup software makes the process of recovery complicated, arduous and time consuming. CMS understands the value of your time. Other backup programs require you to load CD’s and navigate complicated restore processes. If you backed up using an online service, online backups are only good if you can still access the Internet. If your computer is not working what good is a backup that you can’t restore? Not to mention the fact that downloading a full system restore over the Internet usually takes several hours, sometimes days. BounceBack makes recovery effortless!

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Web HSP Announces Premium Data Backup Services for All WordPress Hosting & VPS Customers in the United States & Canada

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) May 11, 2013

Web hosting provider Web HSP announced on Friday afternoon it is now offering real-time data backup services to all North American customers. Web HSPs data backup services provide advanced capabilities to help protect private information without the cost of complicated backup systems.

The move comes a week after Web HSP launched a completely revamped virtual data center which will provide higher performance, greater scalability and increased manageability.

The new data backup services provide offsite protection across multiple locations, substituting labor-intensive tasks with razor sharp, efficient technologies designed to save time and dramatically reduce physical storage requirements across the board, said Web HSP CEO Doug Davis. Our premium data backup services reflect our deep commitment to continually expand and enhance the scope of the support offerings we deliver to a growing customer base.

Web HSPs advanced technology delivers full security and data integrity, while combining real-time replication and fast data restore capabilities.

The data backup services expand on the Web HSPs web hosting, design center and managed security services that it delivers from its Fredericksburg, Virginia offices.

Just as Web HSP offers with its web hosting, VPS and custom web design products and services, the new data backup service is supported by a 24-hour, 100 percent service guarantee that covers elements such a power and network availability.

Data backup services also cut backup times by as much as 75 percent, reducing physical storage requirements up to 65 percent. The data backup offerings deliver a scalable, fail-safe environment for secure storage.

Web HSP recently began offering three different hosting plans to accommodate WordPress users around the globe.

For more information, simply visit