Q&A: Symantec Server Configuration – Where do I tell a client computer to look for a different symantec server?

Question by JohnnyNY: Symantec Server Configuration – Where do I tell a client computer to look for a different symantec server?
I have a SBS 2003 server running Symantec Antivirus enterprise, and for some reason 2 of the clients on the network think that our old NT server is still the antivirus server so they are not getting updates and stuff. I can’t figure out where to go to change this. please help!

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Answer by zeke009
Try this: If the parent server is Windows NT or 2000, then copy the Grc.dat file from the VPHOME shared folder on the parent server. By default, the VPHOME shared folder is pointing to C:\Program Files\SAV on the parent server.

See the link below for more information. It will tell you where to place the file for various versions of Symantec and how to edit the registry if you have to.

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