Q&A: How is a host nation supposed to hold sailing events if it has no water borders?

Question by Marija: How is a host nation supposed to hold sailing events if it has no water borders?
How is a host nation supposed to hold sailing events if it has no water borders?

What if the host nation happened to be Ukraine or Switzerland. How would they pull that of? Does that mean that they’ll have to find the nearest country that does border an ocean?

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they would use a large lake If Chicago was selected they would of used Lake MIchigan

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Bracelet for Pandora Beads and charms by GlitZ JewelZ © – Silver plated – Size 8 1/4″ (21cms) – fits all pandora / troll / chamilia beads – shines lovely

Bracelet for Pandora Beads and charms by GlitZ JewelZ © - Silver plated - Size 8 1/4

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Cloud Provider CPU, Inc. Selects MonitorIT

Conshohocken, PA (PRWEB) May 23, 2013

CPU, Inc., a full service computer consulting and services firm, announced today that they have selected Goliath Technologies as their sole proactive solution to monitor, manage and remediate their internal, hosted and remote customer environments having previously used N-able Technologies.

We used N-able for several years but as our business grew and our market evolved so did our needs for high-technology tools that support our clients ever changing, complex infrastructures, said Frank Jones, President of CPU. We needed a product that offered the ability to monitor, analyze and report on the performance of (Citrix) XenServer, (Citrix) XenApp and (Citrix) XenDesktop at remote customer sites. We evaluated SolarWinds, NimSoft, GFI, Kaseya, Remote Assist, PacketTrap, EG-Innovations and attempted to work with N-able, our current vendor. Our extensive searches lead us to Goliath Technologies. Their product manages the required virtual server, application, and desktop elements but the way it is architected to accomplish these elements separated them from other offerings. Their Intelligent Agent, for instance, will save hours of setup time because of automated deployment. It also provides extensive data collection and reporting, remediation, and log management, all essential to meeting our SLAs.

Goliath Technologies offers one of the only proactive comprehensive virtual infrastructure monitoring solutions in the market today that is architected for use by Cloud Providers that manage hybrid on-premise and hosted infrastructures. This multi-tenant technology allows an IT professional to proactively monitor the entire physical and virtual infrastructure from a single console as well as set up automated remediation actions to keep the entire hybrid infrastructure always running at an optimum pace. This complete and unified view accelerates root cause analysis and remediation. The cost and ease of use make it especially attractive to Cloud Providers that are under pressure to balance margins with SLAs.

We are quite pleased that the team from CPU has chosen Goliath Technologies as the sole provider of performance monitoring, analysis and reporting for their virtual server and desktop environments said, Thomas Charlton, Chairman and CEO of Goliath Technologies. While many companies have re-cast their products as solutions designed for Service Providers the functionality they offer doesnt reflect an understanding of the unique challenges faced by the vendors in this rapidly growing market sector. Before anyone coined the phrase Cloud Computing our earliest customers were Service Providers who had to manage remote environments, meet stringent SLAs and contend with sometimes narrow profit margins. They influenced our product requirements so now we have a technology that is designed to overcome their specific technical challenges and support their unique business model. The fact that CPU and other service providers are selecting our product further validates the investment we have made in the technology.

To learn more about this customer story and more please visit http://www.goliathtechnologies.com.

About Goliath Technologies

Goliath Technologies is all about being proactive. We deliver market-leading proactive systems management and issue remediation software for IT organizations running in todays hybrid infrastructures. Specifically, Goliaths solutions address the evolving challenges of managing physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures by allowing IT professionals to monitor, report, analyze and automate fixes for both applications as well as the entire supporting technology stack. Businesses today require solutions with deep functionality and capabilities that are scalable, cost effective and easy to use. Goliaths solutions fill the gap left in the marketplace between simplistic, cost-effective point solutions and expensive, services-intensive enterprise solutions making deep, functionality rich solutions available to everyone even those who thought they couldnt afford it in the past. Headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, with all development located in the United States, our software is used by customers worldwide including ADP, ING Direct, NASA, Thompson Reuters and Shell.

CPU, Inc.

CPU, Inc., is a progressive technology and services provider with two divisions. CPUs information systems and services division provides information systems, hardware, software, technology products and services. A current leading edge technology that they offer their clients is server virtualization and storage area networks. This technology provides businesses greater computing power with a smaller hardware footprint, and access to larger amounts of data with the capability for off-site storage and disaster recovery. CPU participates in the partner programs of many leading vendors including, Microsoft, Lenovo, HP, Citrix, VMware, Stonefly, Barracuda, Sage, Trend Micro, Sonicwall, and Goliath Technologies.

CPU also provides full service professional payroll processing including direct deposit and total tax service processing. Headquartered in Cape Girardeau, MO, CPU has been serving businesses of all sizes since 1978. http://www.c-p-u.com

Goliath Technologies Press Contact:

Press/Analyst Relations

Goliath Technologies

+1 855-465-4284

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What is a VPS?

http://yanhuang.me/2012/12/29/vps/ – What is a VPS, or virtual private server? It is in between shared hosting and a dedicated hosting solution. You can have…